The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Who we are

Aquatic Management Experts.

Company History

The Lake Doctors, Inc. is a closely-held aquatic management company devoted to the stewardship of lakes and ponds. We offer services such as algae & weed control, fountain installations & cleaning, fish stocking and lake floor mapping. We believe in providing the best possible service, using the best products, with the best employees. Started by Jim Williams over 40 years ago, the Company has grown to 13 branches and over 180 employees. In 2021, the Clarkson family acquired the business, continuing to build on the Company’s legacy of world-class service and support.

Mission Statement

The Lake Doctors, Inc. is an organization devoted to the stewardship of lakes and ponds, achieving our customer’s goals while promoting healthy practices for the environment. We believe that growth affords positive opportunities for our stakeholders, and realize that growth through the knowledge & capabilities of our employees and our superior customer service.



Top quality service for our customers, the natural environment, our equipment and our employees reinforces our focus on the long-term.


High trust relationships and organizations are more efficient. Violations of trust can cause permanent breakdowns in either.


We strive to be the best at what we do, because high performance yields increased value for our stakeholders.


We hold each other responsible for the actions we commit. Mistakes will happen, but as long as we admit & correct them, they will coalesce into experience.


Intense focus on continuous improvement in our work ethic, the quality of our service and our operational efficiency.


We do what we say we are going to do. Solutions instead of excuses.

Boat in the middle of the lake using a tool to clean it
Big fountain in the middle of a big lake surrounded by grass and houses