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The Lake Doctors, Inc. is a family-owned and operated company with over 45 years of customer success. With a dedicated team of nearly 200 employees, we offer a comprehensive range of aquatic management services:

Aquatic Treatment Services:  As you may already know, we provide water treatment services such as algae and aquatic weed control, midge control, fish stocking, natural and terrestrial plant control, muck control, non-herbicide green programs, and lake mapping – all offered with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual management programs.

These services are all designed to manage your water body for increased utility and enjoyment in an environmentally responsible manner.


Fountains & Aerators:  Did you know that beyond being eye catching and adding aesthetic beauty to your water body, fountains help cycle the water to keep it from becoming stagnant and an environment for algae and bugs to flourish?  Simply put, fountains add property and environmental value. Fountain size and patterns can be matched to the size of the water body and your preference for appearance.  They can also be fitted with lighting that can also help control algae in your water body and add to the aesthetic charm.

Additionally, The Lake Doctors sells aerators to add valuable oxygen directly into the waterway – do add this oxygen directly on the bottom where muck and organic debris accumulate.    


Erosion Repair & Prevention Solutions:   The Sox Erosion Solution is used for erosion repair and future prevention of erosion.  It is a heavily anchored technical mesh material made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) material that has high UV resistance and is not biodegradable so it won’t break down into micro-plastics and enter the water body.  The sandy mix of fill material is pushed into the porous technical mesh which allows it to dewater very quickly creating compaction of the fill material which then sets up very solidly.

The Sox solution can be directly vegetated in several different ways.  The most common is to apply sod directly on the system to enable the root structure to grow through the technical mesh locking it in place for long-term stabilization.  Since the technical mesh is porous and the fill material includes a sandy mix, the system provides filtering of stormwater runoff and helps remove harmful nutrients like nitrates and phosphorous from the stormwater thus helping to improve the quality of the water body when installed around the entire perimeter of a water body.  We can also combine Sox with other 3rd party products and soil stabilization solutions to tailor an erosion repair project to provide you with the best possible long-term outcome.

So, you can see how our Aquatic Services, combined with Fountains, Aerators, and Erosion Repair and Prevention services all support our ultimate goal of being good stewards of the environment by improving the quality of the water that in turn improves the aesthetics of your water body.


"A short note to let you know that Eagle Point HOA is very pleased with the service you provide. We are kept well informed of the condition of the lake each time your technician services our lake. Your technician is very professional and it is a pleasure to deal with him."

"I would without hesitation recommend Lake Doctors. Your personnel are very knowledgeable, professional, courteous and responsive. For the years that Lake Doctors have managed our 5 lakes, we have been very pleased with the quality of service received."

"Our community currently has 21 ponds and 29 fountains. Our pond maintenance from Lake Doctors keeps our ponds functioning as intended and the Lake Doctors pro-active approach to fountain maintenance keeps our fountains running successfully with minimal down time due to repairs."