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elodeaWeeds are a problem on land and in water. That fishing pond you have in your backyard would be so much more productive without that growth of unwanted plants. They make trouble for you when stocking your pond by impacting oxygen levels and interfering with water flow and boat traffic. So, how do you manage aquatic weed control? Our licensed aquatic biologists have solutions for you. This is what they do each and every day.

Don’t Use Invasive Elodea for Weed Control

First, let’s start with what not to do. That includes making use of elodea waterweed (Elodea canadensis). This is an underwater plant that helps reduce algae in cool water aquariums and water gardens. However useful this Canadian pondweed is at aquatic weed control, elodea itself can get out of control.

This plant is an invasive species that can escape your property and multiply in the wild. As it propagates by breaking off the parent plant and rooting in the soil, it grows freely, forming a mat of weeds that interferes with fish and other plants as well as fishing and boating.

Elodea is an aquatic weed that takes over quickly and is hard to remove for the process creates new plants. Out-of-control elodea requires specialized equipment and innovative techniques for removal. When weeds or elodea are a problem, look to our aquatic biologists for safe and effective solutions.