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Water Clarification & Turbidity Control

When searching for “water treatment companies near me,” The Lake Doctors, Inc. stands out with our specialized water clarification and turbidity control services. Initially, you can expect the water in a newly dug lake or pond to be quite murky rather than clear. This muddy or silty condition results from suspended particles in the water. Without intervention, the natural clearing of your water can range from a few days in sandy areas to several months in clay-based substrates. However, with The Lake Doctors, Inc., the transformation is rapid and efficient, achieving the same results within 24 hours.

Our process begins with a thorough lab test of your water. We utilize flocculants, including aluminum sulphate (alum), to identify the exact concentration required to clarify your lake or pond. Once we establish the optimal formula, we apply the appropriate material evenly across the water’s surface. This application is facilitated by the use of specialized pump equipment and injectors mounted on our spray boats, ensuring a uniform distribution.

  • Before Water Clarification
  • After Water Clarification

The results of our water clarification service are immediately noticeable the following day. For bodies of water that don’t require a major clarification or turbidity treatment, we offer an economical and aesthetically pleasing solution with our Blue Pond Dye. Adding this dye can improve the water’s color, giving it a delightful light blue tint. This is particularly beneficial for lakes and ponds that have undergone pond clarification but still need a touch of visual enhancement.

Your Local “Water Treatment Company Near Me”

Choosing the right company for your water treatment needs is crucial. When searching “water treatment companies near me” for professional and efficient service, The Lake Doctors, Inc. is your reliable solution. We understand the importance of both aesthetics and environmental health in water body management. To begin with our exceptional services, we offer a free lab test, consultation, report, and estimate. Experience the difference in water quality and clarity with our expert team. Call us toll-free at 1 (800) 666-LAKE and let us transform your lake or pond into a pristine and healthy water body.