The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Aquatic plants can be very attractive and add to the appeal of your lakes and ponds. However, too much of a good thing can cause serious problems. That is why it is important to understand about water hyacinths and weed control. While they can be pretty, water hyacinths are not native Florida plants, and without proper weed control for lakes can quickly take over a pond.

These plants are aggressive invaders that can double in population in as little as two weeks. One plant in one season can multiply enough to cover one full acre. Each plant can grow up to three feet and have extensive root systems. While these root systems can provide protection for small fish and other aquatic life, and the seeds do appeal to some birds, when it comes to water hyacinth, a little goes a long way. Without constant monitoring, these plants can eventually cover the surface of a pond choking off the air supply and killing the fish that reside in the pond. A healthy marine environment requires the proper balance of fish, plants, and other aquatic life.

To maintain not only the beauty but also the health and balance of the water features on your property, choose a team of skilled professionals that have extensive experience in weed control for lakes. Such a company can ensure that your lakes and ponds maintain the proper balance to enjoy good health and lasting beauty.