The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Everything needs a little breathing room. One of the key aspects of enjoying a healthy water feature is ensuring the aeration is adequate for the volume of water. Pond and lake aeration is essential for several reasons:

Clear Water

The dream is to have crystal clear water. When your water looks cloudy or murky, it may be time to consider adding lake aeration. This can return it to a cleaner state and eliminate water quality problems.

Less Algae Bloom

The act of aeration introduces oxygen to the water. This activity can reduce algae bloom that chokes out healthy vegetation and reduces the ability of fish and other water dwellers to thrive.

Reduction Of Phosphorous

Increasing oxidation can significantly reduce free active phosphorous. When your water is loaded with phosphorous, it can lead to excessive weed and algae growth.

Fewer Mosquitoes

One of the top reasons to aerate your lake or pond is to decrease mosquitoes. These little nuisances thrive in still waters, so adding aeration can make a significant difference to outdoor activities.

Healthier Fish Life

Fish need oxygen too, and increasing lake aeration in the water improves the oxygen level. This can lead to healthier fish that experience fewer diseases and live longer.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There are dozens of fountain designs on the market today, and any one of them can add drama and interest to your lake or pond while introducing aeration.