The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Clean water is H2O rich with oxygen that improves the water quality in your pond. Sometimes, nature needs a little help in producing an appealing and healthy body of water that’s ideal for fishing. One of the most important things you can do for your pond is to provide it with aeration systems.

These systems add oxygen that fights off many of the problems seen in a sadly neglected pond. Such systems add beauty and functionality, as this involves putting in a fountain. A fountain adds oxygen by swirling water around and into the air, enhancing quality and doing so much more. The benefits include:

  • Better Water Quality
  • Controlled Algae Growth
  • Improved Fish Habitat
  • Fewer Mosquitoes
  • Reduced Build-Up of Bottom Sediment

Selecting a Name That’s Synonymous with Success

With all of the benefits of aeration systems, it’s essential to choose a practical and durable fountain. Look to a company that has a proven track record and expertise in keeping ponds balanced and healthy. We recommend AquaMaster, a company that engineers, manufactures, and distributes high-quality fountains and aeration systems for ponds. This company carries various fountains that do the job and even add enhancements, such as lights.