The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Water features add a great deal to any property, and examples aren’t hard to imagine. Think of how relaxing it is to sit beside your backyard pond while enjoying a cool drink, or how beautiful a lake looks with the addition of a tasteful fountain.

A lake or pond does add a lot of intrinsic value, but they also ask a lot in return. It’s best to practice regular and thorough upkeep of your water feature so that it’s just as attractive and fresh as it was initially.

That’s where integrated pest management, also known as IPM, comes into the picture. This service is one of many that we offer at The Lake Doctors, Inc. It’s part of a comprehensive pond management system that maintains your body of water and keeps it looking attractive.

With IPM, your lake or pond is maintained with the minimal use of chemicals, so you get a healthy body of water with very little risk or negative impact on the environment. Fountains and aerators combine visual appeal and practicality by adding air into the water, which aids in the growth of welcome aquatic life. When you use all of these elements as part of a complete strategy, you are ensuring a vibrant, clean, and pest-free water feature.