The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Water features add a lot to your property, and beyond their sheer attractiveness, there are many other benefits to having fountains and aeration systems. The Lake Doctors, Inc. specializes in pond maintenance in Florida and will use this blog post to discuss those benefits.


The very first thing we want to point out is that ponds, fountains, streams, and waterfalls do much more than elevate the aesthetic impression your property delivers. It is well known that water has a relaxing impact on people. If you think about the peace, you feel when sitting lakeside or at the beach, you will see the veracity in this statement; when you add extra features such as lights and variable spray patterns to your fountain, the appeal increases.


Pond fountain installation and aeration systems elevate the quality and your enjoyment of your water features in many ways, including:

  • Maintaining lake and pond health
  • Creating a healthy environment for aquatic life
  • Improving and stabilizing water clarity
  • Reducing or eliminating unpleasant water odors
  • Minimizing organic sediment accumulation
  • Combating algae blooms


The Lake Doctors, Inc. are always happy to discuss this topic, so contact us with any questions.