The Lake Doctors, Inc.


aquatic weed harvestingWhen your pond or lake is experiencing an overgrowth of weeds, it’s time to call in the experts. Aquatic weed control can be as simple as a one-person job that can be completed in a day. It can also involve a significant amount of equipment and effort to cut, dredge, and haul away the offending weeds.

The removal of unwanted plants and debris from your water can be managed in a variety of ways. Chemical applications will cause the overgrowth to die off, but the resulting debris left behind can be frustrating to manage. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also often take several months or up to a year to decay. Without physically removing the resultant organic debris, the area can become clogged with decay and remain unusable for some time.

Physically removing the plants through aquatic weed control means the problem is addressed from start to finish without waiting for nature to take its course. This process allows the cleared area to become available for use immediately and also improves the aesthetics of the lake or pond without any wait time. Using harvesters, dredgers, and physical labor, your lake or pond can breathe a little easier a lot sooner.