The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Proper lake management is the secret to healthy, sparkling, and beautiful water features at your resort. Let’s face it; when it comes to upscale resorts, every detail matters. Your guests expect more than perfectly manicured golf courses. Every lake and pond on your property speaks volumes about the care and attention you give to your property, and in turn, to your visitors.

Upscale hotels, resorts, golf courses, and casinos throughout the country know that meticulous lake management results in a healthy aquatic environment. The proper balance of fish, plants, aeration, and maintenance makes all of the difference. This, in turn, ensures that your guests always see sparkling and beautiful lakes, fountains, and ponds every time they visit.

To maintain the natural beauty of your lakes and ponds, you need to partner with a company that has extensive experience caring for water features from the most petite pond to the largest lake. Select a partner company that serves:
Homeowner’s Associations (HOA)

  • Apartments & Town Home & Condominium Communities
  • Mobile Home Communities
  • Business & Commercial Properties
  • Golf Courses
  • Resorts, Hotels & Casinos
  • Cities, Counties & Local Government
  • Parks & Recreation Facilities
  • New Commercial & Residential Developments
  • Private Properties with Ponds
  • Colleges & Universities

For the most attractive lakes and ponds at your resort, choose the experts in lake management that will make your water features healthy, balanced, and beautiful.