The Lake Doctors, Inc.


How do natural waterways end up being affected by invasive species? It’s mainly caused, albeit unintentionally, by traveling humans. As we go from one place to another, we may accidentally carry small organisms onto a boat, plane, or train, where they’re later released onto new, foreign grounds. You can see the results in native bodies of water with the sudden appearance of new plants, insects, and other creatures. The Lake Doctors, Inc. provides aquatic weed control services and manages other foreign biology that could be affecting the native ecosystems.

Invasive species are only harmful due to the inherent lack of competition or predators that would keep their growth at bay. That’s why it’s crucial to nip the problem in the bud as soon as you notice that something is off.

There are six main ways to prevent invasive species from harming your lake:

  • Learn to Identify Invasive Plants Properly
  • Clean Your Fishing and Boating Equipment
  • Don’t Buy Exotic Plant Species Online
  • Volunteer in Removal Events
  • Plant Native Species
  • Address the Issue Immediately

Aquatic weed control is an excellent way to stay familiar with what is meant to grow in your body of water and what isn’t. Contact us to learn more tips on preventing invasive species from growing in your local lake or pond.