The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Lake and Pond Fish Stocking

Maintaining a harmonious ecosystem within your lake is important. Pond fish stocking contributes to the development of a diverse and healthy fish population. Hence, at The Lake Doctors, Inc., we take this responsibility seriously. Our experts will carefully assess your specific needs and, in the process, devise a comprehensive fish stocking plan tailored to your unique lake conditions. Overall, we’ll make sure your lake, pond, or waterway is stocked and thriving.

A healthy and diverse fish population is a vital component of establishing an environmentally balanced lake. That’s why we’re here to assess your needs and offer a suitable fish stocking program. In particular, largemouth bass, bluegill (bream), and catfish are native fish frequently chosen for stocking Florida lakes. Finally, for enthusiastic sports fishermen, the Sunshine Bass stands out as an excellent choice.

  • For certain lakes grappling with weed problems, an ‘integrated’ water management program may prove highly beneficial. Overall, this program combines applications and stocking with Triploid Grass Carp, a genetically modified weed-eating fish that does not reproduce. Consequently, this modification enables us to precisely balance your weed eaters with your invasive food supply, effectively managing the pond.
  • Furthermore, in warmer climates, we can also harness the effectiveness of tilapia. These fish are remarkably proficient at controlling algae, duckweed, and watermeal, for example.
  • Upon request, we can outline a personalized lake or pond fish stocking program to cater to your unique needs. During this process, we will deliberate recommended species, fish quantities, governmental requirements, expected outcomes, timing, and costs. It is important to note that the availability of most lake and pond fish fluctuates seasonally and is subject to variation. Thus, we strongly recommend finalizing your requirements well in advance.
Fish Feeders and Habitats

If your goals include fishing, we highly recommend fish feeders and habitats to augment the productive capacity of your lake or pond. The Lake Doctors can recommend and install solutions from the industry’s best vendors to help you get more and bigger bites on the end of your fishing rod.