The Lake Doctors, Inc.


aquatic weed managementLake Doctors is pleased to announce our participation in the Second Annual Research & Case History Rewards Program for 2017. Our very own, Mike Smith, was awarded third place for his Aquafix case study in Defuniak Springs, FL. Below we showcase our project overview and results of our aquatic weed management study.

In Navarra, Florida, we conducted a case study of a 38-acre lake that was polluted with milfoil, bladderwort, slender spikerush, and water shield and fragrant lilies. Our water specialist, Mike, created a custom aquatic management plan that combined the use of Aquasticker mixed with clipper, Diquat, Argos, and copper to help clear the harmful growth. Many parts of the lake were congested with heavy amounts of tree stumps, making it difficult to access. Our team was able to utilize heavy machinery to move around the stumps to treat an estimated amount of 60% to 70%.

After 40 days of treatment, Mike was pleased to notate that the lake was back to pristine condition. Although only a percentage of the lake was treated with Aquasticker, the results were healthy and successful.

If you are interested in learning more about our Navarre case study, contact the Lake Doctors today at 1 (800) 666-5253.