The Lake Doctors, Inc.


There are many benefits to having a lake on your property; its beauty can create a lovely, natural aesthetic. However, proper lake management services are a must for the biodiversity that exists all around the lake’s edges, on its surface, and throughout its depths. When the summer season arrives, the warmth and damp environment promote vegetation growth and welcome mosquitoes and midges.

Midges are an essential part of the lake’s ecosystem, but when the waters are unclean, they can soon become a nuisance. These water flies can lay up to 1,000 larvae per square meter, which can total 40,000 larvae in a single area in murky, unattended waters. Lake management will help your lake thrive in a healthy, sustainable manner.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your lake:

  • Install a Submersed Aeration System
  • Utilize Nutrient Remediation Technology
  • Stock Native Fish
  • Cultivate Native Plants for the Shoreline

How These Tips Will Help with Your Lake Management

You can use fish and plants to work in your favor; use native fish like Bluegill and Redear to eat the larvae, and supply plants for midge predators like dragonflies and amphibians to cut down their numbers. Additionally, installing a submersed aerating system will increase low dissolved oxygen levels in the lake to promote healthy fish species that also feed on midges. Lastly, nutrient remediation technology will reduce decayed organic materials on which midges love to nest and feed.