The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Whether you notice algae developing in your water or simply want to keep tabs on your water’s chemical balance, The Lake Doctors, Inc. is able to help. When you use our water testing services on a regular basis, you’ll be alerted as soon as harmful bacteria are detected in your water and able to avoid the problem before it becomes noticeable to the naked eye.

Of course, our lake management programs are more comprehensive than a single water test. Each program is uniquely designed based on the characteristics of your pond or lake. Some of the elements we can measure in your water include dissolved oxygen, pH levels, and chloride, just to name a few. We are also able to test for Turbidity, which can cause water to become discolored and unpleasant looking.

Once we have tested your lake water for all of the necessary chemicals and components, we will go over the best improvement program to meet your needs. All lake management improvement programs are completely unique, depending on your test results. This ensures that we are not adding chemicals that you don’t need in your lake. Reach out to our friendly team today to discuss exactly what you want out of your lake management.