The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Lake management takes on all forms. There are jobs such as plant control or erosion prevention, and then there are unique tasks such as the one our team at The Lake Doctors, Inc., completed for the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB.

The USAF has a section of the lake at Bass Lake FamCamp restricted to users. A line of small buoys strung from shore to shore was all that marked the prohibited zone. When it was time for an upgrade, the Air Force contacted us to apply our lake management expertise to replace the line.

When replacing the old rope line, we installed secure anchor points in concrete onshore to hold the 1,800 lb. steel line. Once they were in place, our next step was stringing buoys and floating more than 1,200 feet of cable across the lake.

Once the line was firmly secured, we placed the buoys on it. Clamps on each side of the buoys kept them evenly spaced. We also installed “keep out” markers to alert users to the restricted zone. Our final step was to add topsoil and grass seed around the anchors for an attractive finishing touch.

As you can see, lake management is sometimes more than just taking care of the body of water itself. There are times when it takes an entirely different set of skills that our team is happy to utilize.