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lake with a fountainProper oxygen levels are just as vital to the health of a water body as they are to a human body. In ponds and lakes, fountains and aeration systems are essential for controlling algae blooms and preventing fish loss. And since cold water holds more oxygen than warm water, aeration systems become especially necessary in the summer months.

The most common forms of aeration are surface aerating fountains and submersed diffused air systems. Both systems work by introducing and circulating oxygen throughout the pond or lake. However, submersed air diffusers use a compressor to pump air through tubes, which releases the air in bubbles from the bottom of the pond. Fountains, on the other hand, spray surface water upward, which aerates the pond as it splashes down again.

Depending on the characteristics of your body of water, one of these systems will likely be more effective than the other. For example, a shallower pond will benefit more from a fountain since aeration occurs on the surface. Deeper ponds will require a submersed diffuser to ensure that the water is consistently oxygenated.

Consulting with a professional water management team is the best way to ensure that you have the right aeration system. At The Lake Doctors, Inc., we are available to assess your pond or lake and recommend the best solution for you.