The Lake Doctors, Inc.


The best equipment, including pond aerators and fountains, is useless when it is not properly maintained. Your water features are one of the things that attract guests to your hotel or resort, tenants to your apartments, and homeowners to your condominium community. Keep your ponds and lakes looking their best with routine maintenance for pond aerators and fountains.

When the bodies of water at your university, shopping center, business park, or government complex show signs of imbalance, such as weeds or algae, that is a sign that a problem exists. If your pond aerators and fountains are not working as they should and oxygen balance is not maintained, the entire aquatic environment could collapse. Without proper aeration, the fish will not thrive. When the fish population diminishes, the plants on which they feed can soon grow out of control. This overgrowth can cause additional problems. That is why, at the first sign of a problem, you should call upon the experts to have your equipment repaired or replaced if necessary. Once the proper oxygen balance is restored, the rest of the pond or lake can return to a state of health and beauty.

The company that you choose to partner with for repairs to this important equipment should be experts in their field. In addition to fixing common problems, they should be well versed in installation of pond aerators and fountains as well as all other facets of lake management. In that way, you can rest assured that there isn’t an issue with which they are not familiar and can’t repair.