The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Golf is just as much a spectator sport as it is a test of wits and endurance. As a course owner, you know that appearances are pivotal in order to attract customers and keep them coming back to challenge the links. One way you can enhance your landscaping strategy is to make your water elements stand out, too. Pond aerators and fountains can greatly improve the beauty of your course while also promoting a healthy ecosystem.

Landscaping and lawn care is an important aspect of managing a golf course. After all, visitors want to play golf on a lush fairway and perfectly manicured putting green. However, keeping your greenery as healthy as possible can come at a cost. The overuse of irrigation systems and fertilizers can cause runoff that infiltrates into your water hazards. Over time, your ponds and lakes may be overrun by algal blooms that will make your bodies of water appear dirty and unsightly. Worse, it can destroy the aquatic plants and animals living there, too.

Pond aerators and fountains are an effective deterrent against the development of algal blooms. They cause turbulence in the water that can keep algae from growing or spreading. In conjunction with a submersed aeration system, a fountain circulates oxygen, which will balance the water’s pH and promote a healthy ecosystem.

Fountains are a beautiful and practical investment for your golf course. Contact your local pond management company to learn how you can incorporate fountains into your landscaping.