The Lake Doctors, Inc.


A thriving lake environment is all about maintaining the right balance for the plant and animal life in your water to flourish. One area where many property owners and managers can easily improve these features is with aeration. Why is fully aerating a pond so important?

Stratification of Oxygen – Typically oxygen levels are stratified throughout the water column. There is little to no oxygen at the bottom of the pond because oxygen levels increase towards the surface. The lack of oxygen at the bottom prevents beneficial organisms, bacteria, and enzymes from surviving and breaking down the organic matter build up at the bottom. This buildup of organic matter at the bottom causes major problems such as frequent algae blooms, increased mosquitos and white fly’s, decreased depth, stagnate water, odor and smells, and helps supply invasive aquatic weeds with a rich nutrient source, etc.

Introducing an Aeration System – Once a bottom diffused aeration system is introduced into a pond this habitat starts to enjoy the many benefits the system provides. Now there is oxygen at the very bottom of the pond and beneficial bacteria, organisms, and enzymes can survive. They start “eating up” the bottom muck layer, which then helps water column circulation, elimination of thermal stratification (temperature layers), clarification of water, increased depth, reduced algae growth, reduced odor and smells, reduced mosquito’s and midges, stabilization of PH and alkalinity levels, and removes carbon dioxide. This improves over all water quality tremendously, which contributes to a healthy environment.

A Healthy Fish Population – Once there is oxygen at the bottom and oxygen is circulated throughout the water column, your fish population can now benefit in a thriving habitat. The fish can survive at the bottom of the pond and help reduce the muck layer even further. Fish feed on benthic organisms; they are healthier from natural foods, abundant oxygen, and lack of toxins and of diseased organisms. This also increases fish population as they have more habitat to survive. Also, aeration eliminates oxygen related fish kills. The fish are healthier and stimulates/preserves a well balance eco-system.

Though aeration isn’t a quick fix for every issue, it remains one of the most common and reliable treatments for lakes all around the world. With help from a company like The Lake Doctors, Inc. you can start the process without a hassle. We have been setting up quality aeration pumps for lakes in the area for decades