The Lake Doctors, Inc.


You wouldn’t expect a doctor to be able to treat you successfully without first giving you a check-up. The same principle goes for maintaining the health of any ponds or lakes on your property as well. If you are going to be able to treat any problems successfully—or prevent them from happening—you need to know more about the existing habitat and any regular changes that occur within it.

The best way to do that is with an aquatic survey—a free service from The Lake Doctor, Inc. Much like the doctor’s check-up, this survey gives specialists a chance to learn more about your body of water. This knowledge then directly impacts the type of aquatic weed control you might receive.

By determining the broad changes to native plant species composition and detecting nuisance species, these specialists can then create an effective aquatic weed control plan that delivers impressive results while remaining minimally invasive and affordable.

Never start developing an aquatic weed control plan if you don’t have an aquatic survey performed. If you do, you might find yourself harming the delicate ecosystem of your lake or pond, which can sometimes make things even worse than with the invasive algae and weeds.