The Lake Doctors, Inc.


aeration pumps for lakesAt The Lake Doctors, we offer our clients a wide selection of fountains, aeration pumps for lakes, bottom-diffuser aeration systems, and more. When it comes to our products and our clients, we strive to deliver only the best to ensure they receive years of trouble-free service. When you purchase a fountain or aerator from our company, you can expect delivery, installation, repair programs, warranties, and recommendations for local electricians for your electrical requirements. Proper maintenance and repair are vital to preserving your overall investment.  Below we discuss what is included in our quarterly program.

  • We provide extensive cleanings of your fountains and aerators to help maintain its beauty and functionality. We clean the exterior of the pump intake screens and fountain floats, we adjust and clean nozzles and jets, and we clean the necessary light lens.
  • We adjust all time clocks and controls to ensure they are accurate and working properly.
  • Our quarterly program includes lamp replacement labor during any regularly scheduled visit.
  • We can reposition your fountain in the lake or pond if needed.
  • We also offer our valued customers discounts on any needed parts or repairs.

Contact our company today at 1 (800) 666-5253 to learn more about our fountain and aerator services and repairs.