The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Summer is a prosperous season for aquatic weeds, which can cause headaches for anyone trying to keep their lake or pond a beautiful, blue hue. Here at The Lake Doctors, Inc., we recommend following these weed control tips for easier pond maintenance in Florida.


Plant Trees Around Your Water Body

Weeds need warm temperatures, sunlight, and nutrients to prosper. Planting trees around the perimeter of your pond or lake is a good way to reduce the availability of all three. The shade from the trees will keep the water temperature cooler and block some sunlight. Furthermore, their roots will take up some of the nitrogen and phosphorous that would otherwise nourish the weeds. Talk to our team to learn more about using trees as a natural form of aquatic weed control.


Introduce Herbivorous Fish

Most people are familiar with how a herd of hungry goats will keep a field well-trimmed, but many don’t realize that fish can do the same for a body of water. By introducing sterile carp, tilapia, or other herbivorous fish to your property, you’re adding another type of weed control for lakes and ponds. The fish will eat the vegetation and help keep it in check. Consult with our experts to make sure you stock your water body appropriately.