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mosquito pond treatmentNothing’s better than sitting outside by the lake watching the sun set after a nice meal or a day of golf. Unfortunately, mosquitoes are a huge problem whenever there is standing water nearby. By scheduling mosquito pond treatment with our skilled professionals, you can provide a beautiful and comfortable outdoor area for your guests to enjoy without having to deal with the hassle of mosquitos and other pests. In addition to improving the general atmosphere and comfort of an outdoor area, proper mosquito prevention also ensures a safe environment free from disease-carrying mosquitoes and gnats.

What Kinds of Natural Mosquito Control Methods Are There?

While many people and companies may rely entirely on chemicals to control their mosquito and gnat populations, there are a number of safe and natural alternatives that don’t risk the health of your guests or the surrounding ecosystem. In addition to remedies like citronella and lemongrass plants, many mosquito prevention experts recommend stocking your water features with fish that consume mosquitoes and their larvae. These fish, the most common of which is called the Gambusia, can also help stimulate the growth of other aquatic wildlife like bass.

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