The Lake Doctors, Inc.


A pond, fountain, or water feature is an eye-catching addition to any campus, and many schools are using them to make an impact on prospective students visiting the campus. Of course, if the water feature isn’t properly cared for, the water can become unsightly, creating more of a liability than an asset in attracting new students. The Lake Doctors, Inc. keeps these features looking clean and pristine.

With our campus aquatic management services, you’ll have access to a team of experts using the latest equipment to get accurate readings on the chemical levels in your pond’s or fountain’s water. Along with testing and balancing water, we are also able to provide treatments that deal with mosquitos, gnats, midges, and other pond pests.

The Lake Doctors, Inc. delivers these in-depth aquatic management services for colleges and universities throughout Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina. If you are a campus administrator in these areas and you want to keep your campus’s water features looking their best, get in touch with our team. We are happy to discuss your school’s unique needs and find a maintenance plan that makes sense for you. Act now and you can even qualify for an aquatic survey free of charge!