The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Having a water feature, such as a pond, on your property, adds a lot to it. It provides great aesthetic value, and the sound of gently lapping water helps to soothe the soul.

This scenic and calming presence comes with a cost as it has to be maintained so it remains a clean and fresh oasis. Without proper pond management from a company like ours at Lake Doctors, you could someday be looking at a dank and murky body of water that’s more fearsome than attractive. You want a mixture of plant and wildlife species to create and maintain a healthy environment.

Aquascaping is the planting of vegetation around the pond’s edge. It should be a narrow fringe that doesn’t block access, but wide enough to prevent lakeside erosion, and provide cover for small creatures such as frogs.

A good mixture of plants includes those that are submerged, ones that have stems below the water and leaves above, as well as shoreline plants that can tolerate occasional flooding. Think about using white water lily, pondweed, spike rush, and pickerelweed, as part of your pond management plan. Remember, though, that exotic plant species are prohibited by law.

Don’t remove non-venomous water snakes because they feed on rats and mice. Turtles mainly eat vegetation and dead animals, so they are also welcome additions to a pond. Triploid grass carp are effective at controlling problem vegetation but you need a permit to stock them.

Learn more about effective pond management when you reach out to our experts.