The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Just as your lawn, trees, and plants require landscaping and care to keep them healthy and attractive, your water features require the same attention. Aquatic weed control is essential to environmental balance of your ponds and lakes. Like everything in nature, balance must be maintained. When it is not, problems quickly grow out of control.

Hydrilla is another water plant that is not native to the waters of Florida, yet in many areas, it has taken over, causing numerous problems for recreation, navigation, water intake, and more. This is a submerged plant that can quickly grow to the top of the water and can reach up to 20 feet or more in length. Hydrilla also poses a serious ecological threat. Since it has the ability to grow in various conditions, this gives it an advantage that allows it to out-compete native plants. Infestations of hydrilla can be harmful to fish populations as well. Large infestations can cause oxygen depletion zones, which can lead to fish dying. In order for the water to maintain necessary oxygen levels, aquatic weed control is a must.

When planning lake management for the lakes and ponds on your property, make sure those plans include aquatic weed control. When you maintain a healthy balance of flora and fauna, your water features are sure to benefit. Select a partner with years of experience protecting Florida waters and improving them with aeration equipment, fountains, and aquatic weed control.