The Lake Doctors, Inc.


That overgrown pond on your property would be great for fishing with some needed improvements. Among these would be reducing algae and weeds, introducing beneficial plants and fish, and stocking game fish. With an annual pond management program, you create a healthy pond filled with healthy fish.

It might seem as if it were more valuable to leave that body of water as it is in nature, but with the assistance of highly qualified technicians, it can be clean, healthy, and productive. These professionals have the education and training to turn that pond into your favorite fishing hole.

Testing, Treating, & Stocking

The transformation begins with an annual pond management program. This way, the technicians can determine what your pond needs:

  • Reduction of Weeds & Algae
  • Water Testing for Clarity & Chemistry
  • Inventory of Plants & Fish
  • Weed & Fish Management
  • Water Treatment
  • Fish Stocking
  • A Sustainable Environmental Management Plan
  • Regular Reports & Corrective Action

Over time, you’ll see the improvements in your pond as the weeds and algae give way to healthy and beneficial plants. The water becomes cleaner and clearer, and the fish start reproducing. Other benefits include improved drainage and increased real estate and recreational value.