The Lake Doctors, Inc.


The key to keeping the ecosystem of a pond healthy is aeration. An essential tool in lake and pond management, aeration systems installation in Florida moves water from below the surface up to the surface in mass volume. If your pond doesn’t have an adequate aeration system installed, you will inevitably run into problems, including foul odors, plant and algae growth, and the death of the fish that inhabit the pond.  


So, we will explain how pond aerators work. The most common type of system is a “diffused air” system. These pond aerators consist of a compressor mounted in a cabinet on the shoreline, weighted tubing, and a diffuser head placed along the bottom of the pond. Air is then pumped by the compressor through the tubing and released through the head of the diffuser. This causes bubbles to rise to the surface.  


Some might think that the bubbles add oxygen to the water, but this is not the case. Instead, as the bubbles rise, they create a lifting current that brings the depleted layer of bottom oxygen into contact with the atmosphere. At the surface, oxygen transfers into the water. Over time, these lifting currents induced by the rising bubbles effectively mix the whole water body to an even level of dissolved oxygen.