The Lake Doctors, Inc.


If your housing development has a large pond or lake, you may be wondering how adding aeration systems may improve the health of the lake. By adding one of the many lake aeration systems available on the market, a lake’s physical, chemical, and biological health area all improved.

Stratification and Temperature

Adding aeration systems allows for healthy water levels to develop, with a surface layer that is well mixed, a large transitional center, and a cooler, unmixed bottom layer. This means healthier oxygen levels in lakes that were previously choked up, with little to no oxygen for plant and animal life.

Turbidity: Water Clarity

The suspended sediments, the particulate organic matter, and the lake’s phytoplankton will be lower, which increases light penetration and water clarity.

Muck Buildup and Water Depth

Because aeration systems increase lake oxygen and circulation, they help organic matter in the lake to decompose more quickly and, therefore, reduce any previous bad orders the lake may have had.

Algae and Bacteria

Algae and bacteria are natural components of freshwater systems; however, phytoplankton blooms, toxic algae, and pathogenic bacteria can be an overload on the lake. They disrupt the food web and cause the lake to become extremely unhealthy. Installing aeration systems is an excellent way to control these negative elements in your lake.