The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Keeping your pond or lake healthy is the first step in protecting the longevity of your water feature. A body of water that enjoys proper lake and pond management can look forward to supporting a wide range of plant, insect, and animal life. One of the best ways to set your pond or lake up for a bright future is to supply it with appropriate aeration systems.



The Right System


Aeration systems installation in Florida isn’t as simple as plugging in a fountain and hoping for the best. You need the guidance of a professional to choose the right equipment to maintain the correct balance within the system. There are several reasons to consider contacting Lake Doctors in the Florida Panhandle:


1 – Reduce and eliminate water quality issues that lead to pond algae blooms. Aeration can also improve clarity and reduce foul odors.


2 – Pond aerators and fountains are visually pleasing and can create interesting patterns.


3 – Mosquitoes love shallow, stagnant water, but aeration discourages their habits by providing continuous circulation.


4 – Aeration increases the oxygenation of the water, which encourages a healthier habitat for fish, insects, birds, and plants.


5 – Beneficial aerobic bacteria thrive on diffused oxygen; they break down organic matter and consume excess nutrients, which reduces organic sediment.


If you start with the right equipment and a company that knows how to keep your pond or lake healthy, you can look forward to years of beautiful water features.