Lake Management: Cities, Counties, & Local Government

In addition to the services we provide for residential and commercial clients, The Lake Doctors, Inc. gladly serves cities, counties, and local government properties. We are committed to standing out from other aquatic weed management companies when it comes to offering quality treatment solutions for lakes, ponds, and more. Our environmentally friendly solutions are designed to target problems like algae and weeds while preserving the health of your water. Depend on our lake management services to keep your bodies of water free of problems while enhancing their quality for the future.

Pond with Forest

If you are interested in learning more about our aquatic services and products, such as our pond aerators and fountains, contact our company today at 1 (800) 666-5253. We are always happy to answer your questions and concerns, and we would be glad to provide you with a free aquatic survey to learn more about your waterways. We proudly serve clients in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.