Lake Management Services: Apartments & Multi-Family Communities

The tenants of apartments and multi-family communities often share a single lake in the center of their residential community. As one of the core design features in these communities, it’s essential to keep the water clean and safe for everyone who lives around the lake. With the help of The Lake Doctors, Inc., the water surrounding your complex will adhere to federal, state, and municipal regulations while providing a relaxing and naturally beautiful centerpiece for everyone who lives on your property. Our lake management services strive to keep your water in the best condition year round.

Apartment with Pond

Whether you are interested in our aeration pumps for lakes or you are in need of our mosquito pond treatment services, our aquatic specialists can help you find a custom treatment plan that will keep your waterways safe and clean. Contact us today at 1 (800) 666-5253 to learn more about our other services and to schedule a free aquatic survey.