About Us- Aquatic Management Services

Devoted to the care and service of lakes and ponds, The Lake Doctors is proud to be your trusted source for aquatic management needs for over 40 years . We provide a multitude of aquatic management services for your waterways, such as aquatic weed management, algae control, pond aerators and fountains, mitigation and wetland monitoring, control of invasive and exotic species in natural areas, and lake mapping. We also provide services for bathymetric studies and sedimentation studies, shoreline restoration, dredging and removal of muck and sediment, water quality improvement, and many other services that aim to protect the overall well-being of your water.

We offer custom aquatic solutions and regular maintenance plans based on the needs of your lakes and ponds. Whether you need water clarification and turbidity control or a mosquito pond treatment, our skilled staff can help you maintain and preserve your waterways. Our company strives to provide exceptional customer service while continuously improving our craft and procedures to ensure the best possible outcome.

The Lake Doctors, Inc. has developed into one of the largest water management companies in the United States with 12 service locations, over 150 staff members, and almost $20 million dollars in sales. We operate in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, and Kentucky. Our major customers include homeowners associations, condo associations, developers, apartment complexes, private pond owners, business and commercial properties, government entities, golf courses and resorts, parks, colleges, and basically anybody that owns or manages lakes or ponds. The Lake Doctors, Inc. owes its success to its professional, friendly, highly trained, and experienced staff, who have an overriding concern for our customer’s needs and the environmental health of the lakes and waterways for which we are responsible.

An essential part of providing professional services such as mentioned above is having well-maintained and specialized equipment, such as four-wheel-drive trucks, John Deere Gators, specially equipped airboats, up-to-date spray systems, and custom spray boats. More importantly are the educated, highly trained, and certified biologists, field personnel, and managers who care for your lakes and ponds. Our staff at The Lake Doctors has reputation for friendly, reliable, and environmentally responsible service.

What makes The Lake Doctors, Inc. better, unique, and best-suited to take care of your lake and pond’s needs? What are the advantages of doing business with us? Here are a few:

  • High Level of Customer Service with a 95% Renewal/Retention Rate!
  • Great Reputation with Customers, Employees, Suppliers, & Competitors
  • Long Employee Tenure (Our Top 30 Associates Have more than 500 Years of Combined Experience)
  • Extremely Financial Stability; NO Loss of Business in the Great Recession
  • Continued Rapid Growth & Profitability & Evolution of Additional Services
  • Family Owned & Managed for Success Over the Long Term
  • More than 5,000 Current Customers & Growing in Number Rapidly
  • Expertise in a Great Many Related Areas
  • Use of Quality & Safe Materials for Great Results & Environmental Stewardship
  • Excellent Equipment for Safety, Efficiency, Results, & Accurate Placement
  • Excellent Multi-million Dollar Insurance Coverage, Including Pollution Liability
  • One of the Largest Companies with Many Resources
  • All Field Techs & Biologists are Licensed & Take Continuing Education
  • Fast 24-Hour or Less Response Time to Questions or Complaints
  • One of the Best Fountain & Aerator Maintenance & Repair Companies
  • No Environmental Violations over the Last 25 Years
  • Professional Administrative Staff to Handle all Customer Needs
  • Calls Answered by Staff Members, Not a Machine
  • Simple, Easy-to-Read Contracts & Agreements
  • Successful Weathering of Several Recessions
  • Customers are #1 to Us & We Prove it Every Day!

In summary, The Lake Doctors, Inc. is a large, widespread, and successful water management and lake restoration company that provides a multitude of related services provided by very experienced staff members who truly care about its customers and the lakes, ponds and other areas that they manage and take care of.

Contact us for more information on our lake restoration company. We serve clients in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.