Lake and Pond Management- Testimonials

At Lake Doctors, we are passionate about helping our clients preserve and protect their waterways. We provide superior lake and pond management services to a wide variety of markets. Our dedication to our craft and customers help maintain your lakes without harming any fish or wildlife. We strive to provide excellent customer service to every client to ensure their needs are fully met.

Whether you need a mosquito pond treatment or you are interested in a lake fountain pump installation, we are always committed to finding custom solutions that help maintain your lakes and ponds. Although we pride ourselves on your dedicated staff and quality craftsmanship, don’t just take our word for it. Below we have many client testimonials that showcase their experience with our company. Contact us today at 1 (800) 666-5253 if you would like to schedule a consultation regarding your specific aquatic needs or if you are interested in learning more about our other services.

“I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent work we are receiving from The Lake Doctors, Inc. water management program. Your technician is doing an exceptional job treating the lake and ponds associated with our community.”

“Our community currently has 21 ponds and 29 fountains. Our pond maintenance from Lake Doctors keeps our ponds functioning as intended, and the Lake Doctors’ proactive approach to fountain maintenance keeps our fountains running successfully with minimal down time due to repairs.”

“A short note to let you know that Eagle Point HOA is very pleased with the service you provide. We are kept well-informed of the condition of the lake each time your technician services our lake. Your technician is very professional, and it is a pleasure to deal with him.”

“Your technician is very knowledgeable and professional, and you are lucky to have him as a representative of Lake Doctors.”

“I would, without hesitation, recommend Lake Doctors. Your personnel are very knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and responsive. For the years that Lake Doctors have managed our five lakes, we have been very pleased with the quality of service received.”

“Our experience with Lake Doctors during the planning and installation of our 51-unit aeration system exceeded our expectations. The support we have received in the 18 months since installation was exceptional as well.”

“I have found your personnel to be of the highest caliber.”

“As president of our HOA, I have tried several lake management companies. For any Homeowners Association, large or small, I can state without exception, how pleased we are with the lake and fountain services Lake Doctors provides our Association.”

“I am writing to advise that our Condo Association is very pleased with the work performed by your aquatic technician. We have gotten to the point where the monthly proactive work being done by Lake Doctors is saving me, as Community manager, from having to be reactive and request additional calls.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lake Doctors and especially your employee for the wonderful job that has been done to maintain the ponds. The ponds in our community have improved 100 percent since being maintained by Lake Doctors.”

“The two small ponds in our community look better than they have in several years!”

Cartoon Graphic of a Gator in a Pool

“Tom is our Lake Doctor biologist, and he does a great job. Our ponds always look terrific. The ducks and wildlife think so, too.”

“Thanks for spending time with me yesterday to prepare me to explain things to the residents. You are doing a great job, and the dedication you exhibit toward us is really important. The treatment you applied yesterday has already taken hold, and there is dramatic improvement today.”

“I would like to recommend Nick, our biologist, for the great shape of our lake this year. Algae are down, grasses are under control, and the riprap is free of growth. Keep up the good work, Nick!”

“Since Garrett has taken control of the maintenance of the pond and the addition of the triploid grass carp that you so graciously gave us, the pond has made a remarkable comeback. Obviously, we made the right decision to securing the Lake Doctors.”

“My purpose in writing is to complement you for your choice in having such as fine young man as Adam. He is a most accommodating person, focused on providing the best service he can, and is extraordinarily conscientious.”

“Jim came to our house to fix our broken fountain in our pond, and our experience was very good. The price we were charged was very fair, the time frame was good, and the general professionalism he showed gave us a very good overall experience.”

“Zack is very knowledgeable and professional, and you are lucky to have him as a representative of your company. He seems determined to clean up our pond. We look forward to working with Lake Doctors and Zack as you continue to care for our pond in the years to come.”

“I wanted to let you know how professional and thorough your company and employee were today as he treated our property at East Lake Toho. He took the time to explain to me exactly what he was going to do.” -Mr. B. Muse, Kissimmee, FL

“The consistent and timely maintenance of our pond at the entrance continually enhances the look and appeal of our neighborhood, helps maintain property values, and provides for a safe leisurely area for catch-and-release recreational fishing.” -Mr. W. Gillis, Richmond Hill, GA

“I wanted to tell you that I have noticed other ponds nearby that have begun to get stuff on them, and our Vizcaya pond is still clear and doing so well. It must be a combination of what you do and the aerators you installed for us.” -Ms. MJ Bovich, Sarasota, FL

“On behalf of the President of the Association, we would like to say thank you for your wonderful service. The President says he always knows when you are onsite and you leave him a note each time as to exactly what has been done.” -Ms. M.A Moore, Centerville, OH

“Thank you for another year of excellent service to our community. We appreciate the precision given by technicians working for excellent water quality.” -Ms. Angela Hall, Sugar Ridge Homeowners’ Association

“In the years that Lake Doctors has serviced our pond, its appearance and health have improved dramatically. All the Lake Doctors;’ technicians have been courteous, efficient, and informative. You have an outstanding staff!” -Bill & Maggie Dudgeon

“When we first contacted Lake Doctors, the pond was covered in a seemingly impenetrable layer of duckweed. Now it is beautiful and not a drop of the nasty plant in sight!” -Ms. Viki Crowthers, Jacksonville, FL.

“The Lake Doctors technician took the time to give me an introduction to our ponds’ aquatic cycles so that I could understand the ‘why’ of their ever-changing conditions, and he keeps me up-to-date with a face-to-face report or a service report. Congratulations to you and your staff for the service Lake Doctors has provided to our Homeowners Association over the past 20 years!” -Huntington Lakes Homeowners Association, Safety Harbor, FL

“I wish to extend my thanks for your continued excellence in managing our Lake. The 22 homeowners have expressed great satisfaction with the care of the lake, and we wish to continue your services for the next year.” -Mr. Pasquale Talarico, Glimmer Glass Lake, FL

“Your team has been great, the technician leaves me notes, and the lake is looking very good! -Mr. David Hauck

“Would you please pass on to the proper people at Lake Doctors that we are extremely satisfied with the water quality, and I wanted to let you know that Lake Doctors is doing a great job!” -Joe Rill, Shenandoah Homeowners’ Association

“I would like to recommend your technician for the excellent service that he has provided to clean up our pond. He was so dedicated in finding a solution to the weeds and algae in our pond, stopping by and following up several times. I have rarely met someone so dedicated to helping find a solution and truly caring.” -Ms. Jill Irth, Jacksonville, FL

“The fountain is running beautifully and both lights are still bright! Thank you for your diligence.”

“We appreciate the good work. Found otters playing in the pond, a sign of a very healthy pond.”

“Our Lake Doctors representative does an excellent job year in and year out and is a credit to your company and the main reason I continue my service each year.”

“My pond is looking so perfect, and your technician is a great guy!”

“You’re a great company to work with!”

“The property owner and myself are very happy with the work Lake Doctors have done with our lake, and I wish all businesses could have employees as devoted as yours are.”

“I was impressed with your Lake Doctors technician who took time out to genuinely respond to several questions about our lake and fountains.”

“Your employee, Ben, has done a wonderful job on our ponds. They are looking wonderful.”

“Thank you for the wonderful and great job you guys did this year on our community lake. It looks clean and well-managed.”

“It is our pleasure to compliment Todd for the positive and caring attention he gives to the waterways at our subdivision. He always gives excellent advice on the little things that will make a difference and maintain water quality.”

“Todd’s effort to ensure our ponds are looking their very best really encourages me to refer The Lake Doctors to other homeowners’ association boards.”

“Marion has done a wonderful job on our pond. He treats our pond (and I’m sure others’) like his ‘baby’.”

“Our Lake Doctors lake technician is beyond awesome and always makes sure our pond looks the best it possibly can.”

“We have three ponds on site and they look AMAZING!”

“The customer service provided by The Lake Doctors is absolutely unparalleled. You have provided consistently problem-free service for many years.”

“Jake has done a great job and is also very helpful and professional to work with.”

“Since the installation of the aeration system and fish feeder, the lake has just come alive! The fish, who now have energy because they are property oxygenated, come up after the fish food so fast they jump out of the lake and do cartwheels!”

“Thanks to you, Tim, for your persistence and aid in helping keep our neighborhoods and properties desirable. It is a pleasure to look out our windows and see the fine results.”

“Adam always returned our call, promptly alleviated any problems we have had with our lake, and explained to us in terms we can easily understand.”

“Zack came by to treat our pond. He is very knowledgeable and professional.”

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