The Lake Doctors, Inc.


When it comes to maintaining the natural beauty of your lake or pond, natural solutions are often the best approach. There are many eco-friendly lake management services that make it easy to prevent and control nuisance vegetation and pests so that the water stays clear, healthy, and attractive. These sustainable strategies are not only environmentally conscious but also compliant with federal and local regulations regarding lake and pond management:


Shoreline Vegetation: Many water bodies become murky and infested with nuisance plants due to nutrient runoff from the surrounding land. To reduce runoff, you can plant vegetation along the shoreline or allow the grass to grow longer and act as a buffer.


Aeration: If you’re looking for a more high-tech way to improve your water quality, aeration is the way to go. By installing an aerator in your lake or pond, you’re adding more oxygen and circulating the water to reduce algae growth—all without the need for chemical treatments.


Fish Stocking: One of the most famous eco-friendly lake management services is fish stocking. By adding the right species of fish and carefully maintaining the population size, you can decrease weed growth and the number of insect pests.


It’s best to talk to a lake and pond management expert to determine the most effective approach to achieving your goals. Your consultant will tailor a plan that utilizes these strategies and others to improve your property while adhering to your sustainability commitments.