The Lake Doctors, Inc.


Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline erosion is a serious issue for thousands of lakes and ponds. It can continue to get worse over time due to the impact of rainfall, wind, waves, and human activity. The effect can be loss of shoreline property, loss of proper depth due to the displaced shoreline soil, creation of shoreline cracks and gullies, and, of course, loss of aesthetic appeal. Once started, this process can accelerate and become worse and worse over time.

The Lake Doctors, Inc. offers a solution that costs as little as 25% of the cost of other methods like bulkheads or seawalls.

Geotube Erosion Control System
  • For this solution, a high-quality polypropylene fabric with ultraviolet stabilizers is sewn into large tubes, which are installed and anchored along the shorelines. The tubes are then interconnected along the shoreline and a small hydraulic sand dredge is used to pump bottom sand, soil, and organic material into the tubes to fill them up with the same material that has been eroding and filling in the lake, pond, or canal.
  • The fabric is porous, so water and moisture can escape, leaving the bottom material in the Geotube. This forms an even, pleasing shoreline and restores aesthetic appeal and other values once the fabric has been sodded over with new grass and/or landscape material. The final result is a long-lasting, fully-contained sand filter erosion barrier that stabilizes the bank and filters rainwater and irrigation runoff. The Geotube erosion barrier can be installed on any shoreline contour and even stacked for greater effect.
  • Once installed, the durability and life span is unlimited. The other major advantage of this Geotube system is that the material used to fill it has been dredged from the bottom of the lake, thus removing material that has resulted in excessive shallowness next to the shoreline, along with undesirable muck and organic debris that has accumulated over the years.
Native Plantings
  • Sometimes, all a pond needs is a little assistance doing what nature has been trying to do. We are able to accelerate the natural process by planting native species within the matrix of weed-free erosion material. This decreases invasive species risk, while giving the native plants a study footbed in which to root themselves. 
  • As this process relies on the plants’ establishment for erosion control, it can take a few months for results to materialize, but the finished product is as nature intended and, if maintained, will stabilize the shoreline for decades to come.