Your Many Options for Pond Aerators and Fountains

Water features like ponds are a beautiful addition for any property—and they are even more beautiful with the right pond aerators and fountains. A wide range of styles is available to choose from, so how do you make your decision?

First, it’s important to understand the difference between aerators and fountains. While they may appear to function quite similarly, they play very different roles. An aerator’s core purpose is practical: it recirculates water to increase the oxygen suspended in the water. This aeration process ensures the animals and plants living in the pond have sufficient oxygen.

Fountains, however, are largely aesthetic. While they do circulate some water, it is only surface water, which typically already has enough oxygen. However, they do add a lot of beauty and character to your property, which is a worthwhile benefit by itself.

Many Brands Available to Meet Your Needs

Pond aerators and fountains are available from many industry-trusted brands. Some preferred manufacturers include:

  • Kasco
  • AquaMaster
  • Aqua Control
  • Pentair
  • Vertex Aquatic Solutions

Each brand offers different styles, ranging from straightforward aerators to dazzlingly elaborate fountains. Since every brand has its own advantages, the choice of which manufacturer to buy from is mostly personal (although a lake management expert may be able to provide you with additional guidance.) What you should consider most carefully is which kind of pond aerator or fountain to buy.

When you’re concerned about the health of your lake, especially in relation to its oxygen levels, there’s no replacement for a good aerator. When oxygen levels aren’t a concern, fountains are the best way to add visual interest. These devices are designed to shoot water in a vast array of different shapes. You can choose a simple but impressive style that shoots straight up or opt for something more complex such as flower-like and tree-like designs. Talk to a lake management expert to get a personalized recommendation.