Why Regular Maintenance for Your Pond Aerators and Fountains Matters

For ponds and lakes, one of the easiest and most effective ways to encourage a healthy ecosystem is with aeration. Using special pond aerators and fountains, you can increase the oxygen content in your water, helping plant and fish life flourish while avoiding stagnation that lends itself to algae growth. Simple, cost-effective, and beauty-adding, these devices are a smart purchase for anyone who owns a property with a substantial body of water.

Like all machines, though, they don’t run without challenges. Over time, intake issues, control calibration, and a wide range of other factors can reduce effectiveness and even damage important components. Luckily, companies like Lake Doctors, Inc. have the resources and know-how to fix and maintain pond aerators and fountains.

Cost-Saving Solutions

The number one reason for many pond owners to invest in maintenance services is simple: it saves money. When you have a reliable team of technicians to care for the complex components and operation of your aeration devices, you catch issues early and avoid more expensive problems down the line.

You save even more when you consider the potential impact of a nonfunctional aerator. If damage or mechanical failure leaves your pond without the oxygen intake it needs, there’s no telling how much you’ll have to pay to deal with algae that creeps in or impacts on fish in the area.

Complete Care

Though the concept behind pond aerators and fountains is simple, today’s models actually rely on a wide range of parts and interactions to work effectively. By enlisting professional help at regular intervals, you look out for each of these and make sure that no part of the device gets left out. The right service team should come prepared to repair and maintain:

  • Pump Intake Screens & Fountain Floats
  • Light Lens & Anchor Lines
  • Time Clocks & Controls
  • Nozzles & Jets