The Benefits of Good Pond Management for Parks and Recreation

The pond management program we offer is used by parks and recreation departments in many towns. Our many years of experience make us the optimal choice for maintaining the balanced ecosystem of a pond; we have many resources available for our clients to handle any type of aquatic weed control, and many other issues.

Maintaining a healthy aquatic ecosystem is very important, especially when it comes to facilities and companies that have them on their properties. Pond management means avoiding the murky cloudiness of algae growth and mosquito infestation. When visitors are on the premises, you don’t want the pond to produce any foul smells or insects that could irritate them. Especially in spaces that have larger ponds in parks, the aquatic life below the surface needs to be taken care of.

Maintaining good pond management will also help the aquatic life work in your favor. Fish will eat the larvae of mosquitos and other pesky insects, which will prevent overbreeding. Clearing out detrimental plants and algae will help the environment retain a healthy symbiosis. Contact us to find out more about our services and products. We’ll be glad to provide the best solutions for pond and lake management.