Pond Management Tips — Algae Control

Not all algae are harmful algae. In fact, these plants do a lot of good. For instance, algae provide oxygen and food for fish. So, the solution is not elimination but control. When algae have free reign, they can clog waterways and deplete the oxygen supply. This is why it’s crucial to employ pond management to control these fast-growing and simple plants.

It’s best to start with a survey of aquatic plants and weeds. With knowledge of what’s in the pond, you can then clean it up. Factors such as oxygen and pH levels, water temperature, and the H2O hardness also play a part. Depending on what’s in your pond and what use you want to make of it, we recommend various treatments from the use of safe algaecides and herbicides to the introduction of certain species of fish and/or plants. And if you feed the fish, give them quality food they can digest easily, so there is little waste for the algae to consume.

Remember, your pond is its own small ecosystem, so any changes impact the fish and plant population as a whole. Because of this, we recommend you work with knowledgeable pond management professionals who know how to create change that impacts the problem of overabundant algae.