Mosquito Control is a Vital Part of Aquatic Management Services

Mosquitos thrive in hot, wet conditions which mean Florida is perfect for them. In fact, Florida and mosquitos are so closely entwined that the word “mosquito” first entered the English language in 1583 when a man wrote from South Florida to complain about a pest the Spaniards called “musketas.”

All these bugs need to breed by the thousands are warm temperatures and a body of water. That’s why mosquito control is one of the most commonly requested aquatic management services. You should learn more about the importance of this service and how it works.

Mosquitos: More Than Just a Pest

There’s no doubt that mosquitos are annoying. They buzz around you, whine in your ear, nip you with their bite, and leave behind an itchy feeling long after they’re gone. But they are more than just a pest. When your property is swarming with mosquitos, it drives away guests and poses a health risk.

Without the right aquatic management services controlling your insect population, mosquitos will take over the area around your pond or lake. All the biting bugs flying around will deter even the most eager visitors, and you’ll find it hard to enjoy time at the waterfront too. It’s important to remember that mosquitos can transmit a variety of dangerous illnesses. Some mosquito-borne diseases found in Florida include West Nile virus disease, Eastern equine encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis. While cases are rare, there’s no reason to take chances.

How Lake Management Teams Reduce Mosquitos

Several different aquatic management services can effectively reduce mosquitos. Since the insects prefer stagnant water, the movement created through aeration can deter them from breeding. Treating the pond with a product containing the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis will kill off many of the mosquito larvae. For a more natural approach, you can stock your pond with minnows and other fish that eat the larvae. Talk to an expert to explore your mosquito control options.