How Triploid Grass Carps Provide Effective Weed Control for Lakes

You’ve likely seen triploid grass carps before and didn’t realize it. They’re olive-green, cigar-shaped fish that love soaking up the sun in shallow water. These fish are often found in ponds and lakes because they boast an extremely valuable attribute: a voracious appetite for a diverse array of underwater plant life. When you need effective weed control for lakes and other freshwater bodies of water, triploid grass carps may be the simplest and most cost-effective solution.

With the right number of triploid grass carps swimming around, they’ll eat your nuisance greenery faster than it can grow. However, they aren’t the right solution for every choked-out pond. Read on to learn when these special carps can work wonders and when you should look elsewhere for weed control.

The Best Uses for Triploid Grass Carps

While there is a lot of vegetation that these fish will eat, there are also many other types they won’t touch. To use triploid grass carps effectively as weed control for lakes, you need to make sure you’re dealing with a kind of greenery they’ll eat.

In general, they like to eat softer, pliable aquatic vegetation. Bushy pondweed, American pondweed, and hydrilla are some of their favorite foods, although they’ll eat other kinds of greenery as well. However, they typically don’t eat bulrush, filamentous algae (pond scum or moss), water primrose, coontail, Eurasian milfoil, or cattails. If your pond is choked out by those plants, consider another solution.

It’s important to remember that, like all options for weed control for lakes, utilizing triploid grass carps comes with some risks. For example, the carps may eat too much of the vegetation, leaving an insufficient amount of cover to maintain the proper predator-prey balance. Before investing in triploid grass carps, talk to a lake management expert about your unique situation to ensure they’re a good solution for you.