Common Issues with Lake and Pond Management

If you’re lucky enough to have a water feature such as a pond on your property, you want it looking like a tranquil area for reflection, not a fetid pool of murky slime.

Several common issues confront pond owners, and we are quite familiar with all of them at Lake Doctors, Inc. We are going to address the most prevalent ones here in this article so you can have the knowledge you need about pond management and what you should be on the lookout for.

Let’s look at algae first. It’s the most common cause of discolored water and doesn’t just look unpleasant; it can harbor toxins in some instances. Algae is often caused by reasons such as pollution, excessive water temperatures, and stagnant water. At Lake Doctors, Inc., we control algae as part of our pond management services to address all of these issues.

A similar but different issue to algae is water quality. Pond owners want to know that the water is safe for fishing and other forms of recreation.  Not only do they want safe water, but they also want to keep it as attractive and clear as possible. We have several options for pond water treatment that can address issues such as turbidity. As part of those services, we also offer water quality testing to check several aspects such as Ph, chlorides, hardness, nitrates, and many more factors.

A third significant pond management factor is the management of fish populations. You want to keep the water healthy in your pond, and that means clean and fresh, with normal oxygen levels. Our comprehensive services are beneficial for fish management as we look at every element of the lake, such as weed control and aeration. Additionally, we also offer fish stocking to create a diverse and healthy fish population.

By choosing us to look after your pond, the common problems of management will be common no more.