About Cyanobacterial Blooms And How Good Lake Management Can Help You Mitigate Or Prevent It

Lakes are beautiful, natural parts of any landscape, but they too have to be looked after to avoid Cyanobacterial Blooms. As a highly toxic type of algae, it’s very dangerous to both humans and animals; The Lake Doctors, Inc. has the team and equipment to ensure your local lakes receive the proper lake management they need. Taking care of a lake is a task best left to a team of professionals with the equipment and many years of experience to clean the waters carefully.

Over 50 species of cyanobacteria produce toxins that are harmful to vertebrae; the Cyanotoxins themselves fall broadly into three groups: neurotoxins, hepatotoxins, and dermatoxins. To put it shortly, if ingested, it can attack many systems in your body and render you dead within a few hours of consumption. Lake management is essential for the safety of the animals and humans that could potentially come into contact with these dangerous algae. If you notice a lake starting to turn a cyan or unusual green color, call the municipality or park administration.

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