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mosquito pond treatmentWhen mosquitos go untreated, they can become a serious problem and nuisance for your lakes and ponds. Mosquitos often inhabit your waterways due to increased amounts of uncontrolled weeds and algae. These insects hatch their eggs into larvae at the bottom of your ponds and lakes, where they then hatch into adult mosquitos. Mosquitos are attracted to water with a lot of muck and debris to create nests in the weeds. Our mosquito pond treatment helps lake owners enjoy their bodies of water by eliminating large areas that are overrun with mosquitos. Learn more about the problems associated with mosquito infestations.

  • Mosquito infestations in your lakes and ponds create a disturbance for you and your guests. These insects create itchy bites that can become irritated and infected.
  • Mosquitos carry diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus that can be very dangerous and even deadly to humans and animals.
  • When large amounts of insects distribute their fecal material and die, they can create soiling and staining on objects. Since lakes and docks usually contain boats, wave runners, docks, homes, and other buildings, these structures can become unsightly due to the stains.

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