Lake and Pond Management- Our Work

The Lake Doctors is proud to be your trusted source for lake and pond management services. Our skilled staff provides custom aquatic solutions that best fit the needs of your specific waterways. We utilize top-quality materials and specialized equipment to preserve your lakes and ponds.

Annual Water Management Programs to keep your lake or pond in pristine condition year-round.

Cape Coral, Fl

We stock a variety of fish such as carp, catfish, bass, and bluegill. A healthy & diverse fish population is an important part of creating an environmentally balanced lake.

Fish Stocking

From muddy to clear in 24 hours, our Water Clarification process is lab tested to ensure the proper amount of ALUM (aluminum sulfate) is applied to your pond.

While Aquascaping is aesthetically pleasing, it is also very beneficial to your lake or pond. Plants help stabilize the soil, absorb nutrients, and provide wildlife with food and cover.

Aquascaping post

Not only do we install Fountains & Aerations, we also do repairs and maintenance. We doctored up this Aeration System and re-installed, creating a happy and healthy environment in this pond.

Aerator system rehab and reset - WS david spoto

Fountain Repair in progress.

Fountain repair in progress

Water sampling and testing is an important step in order to accurately prescribe treatment for your lake or pond. Certain characteristics such as dissolved oxygen, clarity, water hardness, PH, and alkalinity help us design a custom program for your body of water.

Water Sampling in Destin

At The Lake Doctors we use only the highest quality equipment to perform our services. Here is a John Deere Gator which we use for spraying shoreline weeds and grasses and various algae control.

John Deer Gator - Sam M

One of the most common physical removal services we perform is the cutting and removal of dead cattails.

Physical Removals Mechanical removal of dead cattails

In some cases, it is necessary to perform a stilt or muck removal using heavy equipment. As ponds age, a build-up of decaying weeds and algae form causing the pond to have a strong odor, a sure sign your pond is lacking in oxygen.

Silt Removal Project

Whether you are seeking aquatic weed removal or you are interested in installing pond aerators and fountains, we have the resources and skills needed to improve lakes. We are dedicated to our craft and our customers, which is why we build sustainable relationships with our clients to ensure their needs are met. Our superior customer service sets us apart from the rest. If you are interested in learning more about our wide variety of services or you would like to receive a quote regarding your specific needs, contact us today at 1 (800) 666-5253. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.