Water Quality Testing

Often, an accurate and meaningful water management program recommendation should include some basic water chemistry to determine some elemental things about your lake or pond water, such as dissolved oxygen, clarity, pH, and alkalinity. The Lake Doctors, Inc. offers that service for free when you are going to be considering a lake or pond management program.

We will design a program around certain characteristic of the pond or lake water. For example, a lake that tests high for nutrients like phosphorous and nitrates may be placed on an improvement program to reduce the levels of such undesirable constituents in the water over time. Some of the things we test your lake or pond water for include:

Glass Tubes for Water Testing

  1. Dissolved Oxygen
  2. Temperature
  3. Clarity
  4. Color
  5. Water Level
  6. Ph
  7. Chloride
  8. Alkalinity
  9. Hardness
  10. Phosphate
  11. Nitrate

Pond & Lake Water Testing for Potentially Harmful Bacteria

If you use your lake or pond water for swimming, skiing, wading, fish, and other water-related activities, then you may want the water tested for fecal coliform bacteria. This test indicates whether or not the water has been polluted by the feces of any warm-blooded animals, including humans.

Another test that can be done is for Turbidity, which is typically caused by mud and other particles in the water, giving it a brown, tan, or coffee color. We perform a test to determine the turbidity in ntu units and then test the water chemistry to see what level of “flocculent” may be needed to settle it out. This service is particularly valuable in the case of new construction where turbidity caused by construction activities can actually cause shutdown of the site by environmental authorities.

Contact us for more information on our water quality testing. We serve clients in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.