Aquatic Weed Harvesting

There are many cases in which it might be desirable to physically remove aquatic weeds and other undesirable debris and objects from your lake or pond. One of the most common physical removal services we perform is the cutting and removal of dead cattails. Cattails can grow in dense clusters up to 10’ high and completely take over a shoreline out to a depth of up to 4’. The Lake Doctors, Inc. has very safe and effective EPA-certified aquatic herbicides that kill 100% of the cattails in a given area with precise accuracy.

Once cattails die after about 30 days, they are very slow to decompose. If the process of natural degradation is too slow for the needs of a customer, then we will provide a quote for a physical cattail removal program to rid the dead cattails or other emergent aquatic vegetation that has been controlled but not yet had time to decompose. Cattails often take a full year to completely decompose, and their decomposition leaves a lot of undesirable organic muck and dead vegetation.

Lake Weed Removal

Physical removals can be costly, as the work is very labor-intensive. The amount of vegetative material can weigh many tons and take a lot of time and effort to cut, move, load into trucks or dumpsters, and dispose, but the efforts are spectacular within a very short period of time. Obviously, a continuing follow-up program is necessary to protect the initial investment in a physical removal. This often takes the form of a monthly water management program to prevent and control regrowth of the target species, as well as any other emergent, floating, or underwater species. The jobs can be as small as one technician cutting and removing the dead cattails or weeds and completing the job within hours to more intensive programs utilizing underwater weed-cutters and harvesters taking days or weeks to complete the job.

Pond Weed Control

In summary, The Lake Doctors, Inc. performs a wide variety of physical removals, from a one-man small job to the use of specialized machines for larger areas and a wide variety of weed problems. We can also physically remove bottom much, sediment, and organic debris using dredge-type machinery.

Contact our staff to learn more about our aquatic weed harvesting. We serve clients in Florida, Ohio, and South Carolina.